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Jordyn Rylee: Kids

Jen has known Jordyn before she was even born due to being great friends with her mom since high school.  She has even taken similar photos of her when she was completing her senior thesis but while growing up it seems that Jordyn has not lost the art of taking great photos.  It was a
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Dave + Jill: Wedding

Dave and Jill couldn’t have asked for a better day or location.  It was beautiful and sunny but not too hot for a beach wedding.  As for the Bride and Groom both were stunning and handsome as well.  Jill actually did Jen’s hair for her wedding so it was great to be a part of
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Winters Family

Jen has known the Winters Family from her time working at Norton Pines and has even photographed some of the family before.  Knowing Carrie’s love for Hoffmaster State Park we decided to hike through the woods to North Park Beach to get some great outdoor photos of her family.  The boys were extremely active but
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Mark + Shaundra: 2 Yrs Later

Two years ago on a very rainy spring day Mark and Shaundra were married. Unfortunately due to a downpour they never got outdoor wedding photos, so we figured their outdoor photo session was way overdue.  They are also good friends of ours and we had a great time capturing a love story that takes place
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