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About the Photographers


Jen Redeker

Head Photographer

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, however I would need multiple images to describe me.  The first photo would be of my diploma which I received from Grand Valley State University. I have a B.A. in photography which I received in December 2005.  The second image would be my Fuji Fine Pix S3 which I use taking all those lovely photographs you will see posted on my web-site jelizabethphoto.com. The third image would be of my husband, who recently started assisting me during weddings.  The fourth image would be more like an album showcasing all the weddings, high school seniors, families, children and still-lifes I have taken over the years either under other photography studios or on my own.  The final photo would be of me running. I am an avid runner and have run multiple 15ks, 25ks, half-marathons, and a marathon.  I am active and am willing to go the extra mile to get that unique shot.

Brandon Redeker

Assistant Photographer

Although I may be new to J. Elizabeth Photography, I am no stranger to the camera.  Both my parents were avid photographers, so much that I grew up with a dark room in my basement.  Unfortunately I never used the dark room, I was more interested in cars and creating race cars.  My racing did eventually lead me to photography .  I ended up learning how to photograph cars better than other photographers because I understood the movement and mechanics of the car. I even taught Jen a few tips on photographing cars.  Recently my brother and I have worked on multiple videos promoting Ford’s 2011 Fiesta which has greatly increased my knowledge of video and photography editing. This has been a challenging but fun project that I believe helps me bring a fresh new perspective to J. Elizabeth Photography.